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Preorder Pastor Lutzer's brand new book The Eclipse Of God

Our Nation’s Disastrous Search for a More Inclusive Deity (and What We Must Do About It)

Just as the moon obscures the sun’s light during an eclipse, today’s radical secularism has obscured the light of God. But God’s light still shines—and He is calling us to shine His light in our growing darkness.

The Eclipse of God exposes our nation’s ongoing efforts to redefine God and answers the question: Is God more tolerant than He used to be? Exploring God's alleged intolerance in the Old Testament in contrast to Jesus’ teachings on grace in the New Testament, bestselling author Erwin Lutzer shows how God is both a God of wrath as well as grace; that He is both merciful and just, and both a redeemer and a judge.

Inspiring and edifying, this bold exposition

  • • explores how our society has created an inclusive, sin-friendly god
  • • encourages you to return to the biblical God as the basis of salvation, truth, morality, and law
  • • equips you with biblical answers to respond to our disintegrating culture with truth and light

Timely and practical, The Eclipse of God will deepen your love for our unchangeable God of the Bible and empower you to proclaim the light of truth in a culture of darkness.

Format: Paperback 

Page Count: 256 

Release Date: September 10


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